Our Services

We have our own fleet of trucks, maintained by our highly trained technicians and engineers. We can offer our customers:

  • Skeletal Trailers
  • Curtain Sider Trailers
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Low Loader
  • Genset Trailers

We have very highly skilled drivers who travel all across Scotland delivering products and goods.

Our vehicles are ADR compliant along with our drivers. We are fully equipped and capable of handling your ADR shipments and requirements (except radiation and explosives).

21.01.2021 Warehouse 4

Our warehouse facility of 17,000sqft offers storage solutions whilst also being ideal for transhipments or pallet reworks.

Meeting your individual requirements or combined with our transport we offer you a smooth and complete solution for movement and storage of goods.

Our onsite Self Storage Facility with 20ft & 40ft containers is expanding with demand. 

With secure, vehicle accessible storage for large or smaller goods this facility is ideal for a variety of uses, house moves, business or personal storage or large items such as cars.  

For more information or if you wish to discuss further please see our Contact Us page!  

Self Storage

Container shipments are our speciality; we can uplift or deliver your containers regardless of size and operate out of all the ports in the UK.

We are also a registered waste handler and can manage your containerised waste transport.

Our transport office, along with the “In Cab” vehicle tracking technology gives our customers a total peace of mind service that you would expect from a larger company, but at a more cost-effective rate.

Our excellent on-site workshop provides truck repair and maintenance services not only for our own trucks, but also offers services for external commercial vehicle clients. 

Breakdown & Call Out Service, Monday 6am to Friday late, 24hrs in between.

Our workshop is suitably facilitated for 99% of repairs for our own trucks.

We provide full workshop services including brake testing and wheel alignment for external clients.

a&d logistics yard

We have our own on-site container depot.

With our facilities we can store, inspect and repair containers.

We ship containers of all sizes and work with all major shipping lines.

On the 17th April 2017 we moved into our brand new state of the art depot at 23 Pegasus Avenue, Linwood.

Google Street View gives a good visualisation of the depot's construction as shown:

July 2016 Street View

May 2018 Street View