Container Depot & External Storage

Why A&D Logistics

Container Depot & External Storage

Our secure site with CCTV and easy access to major routes is an ideal location for restitution of your empty ISO shipping containers.

Our team are customer focused working with all the major shipping lines offering storage and repair where required.

The 11.5 acre site provides external storage space for a variety of requirements, including Vehicle & trailer parking.

Container Depot & External Storage

Services for ISO Shipping Containers

  • Laden & Empty Lifts & Storage
  • Repair of Containers
  • Liner / Malt Bags
  • Insulated Bags
  • Flexi Tank Fitting, Removal & Disposal

The team are fully competent and trained in the fitting or removal of specialised container inserts.

“I have used container depot services for nearly 40 years throughout the UK. The customer service and ‘can do’ attitude at A&D Logistics is one of the best, if not the best, you can ask for.”

Container Depot & External Storage

Additional Services

• Unit & Trailer Parking
• Outside storage space
• Oversized Cargo Handling

23 Pegasus Avenue, Linwood, PA1 2FE

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